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Drop the Stimulants: Get a Natural Energy Drink Instead

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Forget Starbucks, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, or Gatorade if you want real energy. They usually just contain less than 10 ingredients that cannot provide sustained energy. Some of these ingredients create fake or dirty energy such as white sugar and too much caffeine. Yes, some energy drinks may contain minerals such as sodium and potassium to replenish lost electrolytes. But they also contain awful ingredients such as food color and preservatives that lower immunity and cause toxicity.

You donít need the sugar and all that caffeine. And you definitely need more than a couple of micronutrients to be truly energized. So what should you take for sustained energy? A Natural Energy Drink. Because you need not compromise your overall health for the sake of getting more energy.

The problem with caffeinated drinks such as coffee, soda, and many energy drinks is that they contain way too much caffeine. A little bit of caffeine is okay, but taking too much makes you nervous, jittery, and enervated after the effects wear off. You feel fatigues after a few hours and you have lower energy compared to your baseline energy levels. In other words you have less energy after consuming too much caffeine than compared to your energy level before drinking the caffeinated drink. This is why coffee and soda drinkers usually canít just have one serving of their caffeinated drink. This creates a deficit in energy over time, resulting in adrenal exhaustion or chronic fatigue. The solution to low energy levels is a natural energy supplement that can provide all the necessary nutrients and botanical extracts for long-lasting energy. An energy supplement in liquid form is a good option if you want to absorb natural energizing ingredients faster.

So what are the ingredients that you should look for in a natural energy drink? It should contain nutrients that promote energy production, conversion, and utilization such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, chromium, manganese, magnesium, amino acid complex, gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA), potassium, sodium, selenium, and zinc. Herbs such as green tea, green coffee bean, gingko, and guarana also provide just the right amount of stimulation that wonít lead to energy depletion later on. Antioxidants such as those found in superfood berries such as goji, acai, and noni berries can help prevent stress, which is important if you want to experience sustained energy throughout the day.

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